28 September: Funding grassroots advocacy to #makeunsafeabortionhistory

Access to safe abortion choices and post-abortion care is a fundamental human right.

Around the world, billions of people are denied the choice to have a safe abortion due to legal restrictions, medical regulations and widespread stigma.

AmplifyChange grantees are removing barriers to safe abortion in some of the most challenging contexts.

We believe grassroots civil organisations (CSOs) offer the best solution for achieving lasting change and impact within their communities. They demonstrate that local, southern-led activism can change laws, strengthen health systems, transform social norms, and make abortion safe, dignified and available for all. In short, their work saves lives.

Despite this, many small, local CSOs are often overlooked for funding.

AmplifyChange is a platform for civil society groups to access funding and support for sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy, and we are one of the largest investors in safe abortion advocacy in the Global South.

To celebrate International Safe Abortion Day, we focus on grassroots organisations who need continued support to #makeunsafeabortionhistory. See our September 28 website to watch their short films and find out more.

28 September - Fund grassroots advocacy to #makeunsafeabortionhistory