Celebrating International Safe Abortion Day

On 28 September, AmplifyChange is proud to highlight the tireless work of grantees and activists around the world who advocate for increased access to safe abortion services. 

AmplifyChange believes that #AbortionisHealthcare and we are dedicated to supporting grantees working to eliminate barriers to safe abortion in their communities, among healthcare providers and at the policy level.

Our goal is to ensure that all people can access safe, comprehensive and stigma-free services – providing them with choices to fulfil their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

In the past year, civil society organisations supported by AmplifyChange funding have successfully improved policy and laws around abortion access in Rwanda and Kenya; collaborated with healthcare providers to improve service provision in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan; strengthened movements for abortion rights in Sierra Leone and Côte d’Ivoire; contributed to reducing abortion stigma for social norm change in Malawi and India; and increased individual and community awareness around the right to access safe abortion in Burundi and Nigeria.  

The map below shows where AmplifyChange grantees are working on projects to remove barriers to safe abortion. 

We asked some of our grantees to share their views on why the right to access safe abortion is an essential part of women’s healthcare. 

Hear their voices below:

Learn from AmplifyChange grantees

If you’re getting active to strengthen safe abortion you might find our new series of short films helpful. Each film is based on the expertise of our grantees and is available to watch on our YouTube channel. Watch them now and learn how to:

There is also lots of useful practical advice from grantees on our new learning website, amplifychangelearn.org, to help you develop your advocacy skills

Watch the films on YouTube